Available courses

Heartfulness Three Day Masterclass


Individuals who want to lead a group of interested co-workers, students or friends in Heartfulness Relaxation & Meditation practices may apply for certification as a Champion. The authorized Facilitators of Heartfulness Institute will sign up the champion candidates.

Once certified, Champions will be able to lead the group with guided relaxation, meditation and rejuvenation practices. Champions will be trained by these Facilitators, who will also act as mentors.

Examples include Yoga studio owners, Corporate Wellness Ambassadors, Partners at Retreat centers and other eligible Connect volunteers.


Experienced Meditators of Sahaj Marg Meditation System may get themselves certified as a Coach. Usually these are Facilitators, who help conduct Heartfulness sessions at various organizations. This certification will help them open more opportunities and develop a comprehensive understanding of how to conduct the workshops effectively, support seekers and mentor the Champions.


Individuals who want to Facilitate Heartfulness Program in various connect stream are eligable to enrol for this course. This is an intensive course where facilitators are required to conduct mock and live Heartfulness Sessions.

This course is tailored for the South African audience.